Accelerator Programs Will Help Students Make Great Gains This Summer

The last year for students has been anything but a typical school experience. Physical school attendance for most students ended during late spring of the 2019-2020 school year. School systems across the United States were woefully unprepared for the crisis that was unravelling. While districts and teachers scrambled to move to online platforms, more cracks were exposed- inequity for students who didn’t have access to computers and internet connections; lack of teacher training and preparedness to move classrooms to online platforms; and parents dually serving as teaching assistants and working from home.

A Growing Gap

After what felt to many like an extended but stressful summer break, districts entered the 2020-2021 school year more prepared yet still unevenly adapted across the nation. For many students, the gap between their performance in core subjects and grade-level expectations had already emerged before they entered their first day of school virtually or in person. The challenges of COVID-19 persisted and the learning loss in math and reading grew for many students as the school year progressed. Approaching the end of the current school year, emerging studies are showing some students are falling nine months to one year behind learning expectations.

Proactive Measures to Increase Student Outcomes

So now the problem for public and private educators to solve is how to take advantage of this summer to close the learning gap. Summer enrichment programs are where promising answers are being found.

Universities such as Brown University and the University of Chicago have dedicated a great deal of research to high-dose tutoring programs and their efficacy. What they are showing reveals that when enrichment programs provide the right formula of frequency, coordination of standards and expectations within quality curriculums, and strong relationships between teachers and students, students can progress two to three times faster than their peers.

While stakeholders in student education are primarily focused on increasing students’ academic performance, there are also other multidimensional benefits to accelerator programs. These high-dose education programs have the potential to offer long-term effects of increased general motivation towards learning, testing performance, peer relationships, and grades when students reenter classrooms next fall.

Our Catch-up Accelerator Program

Adaptively will be offering catch-up accelerator programs this summer available to students nationwide through our personable, live, virtual teaching platforms. Small, intensive, and frequent classes will allow students to make great gains over the summer. Each student will complete an assessment that will provide parents with recommendations for classes and frequency based on baselines and expectations. Our goal is to equip each of our students with the skill mastery and confidence they need to enter the next school year primed for success. With over 25 years in the enrichment education industry, our proprietary curriculum, which follows Common Core Standards, has helped prepare students for academic and standardized tests as well as for everyday challenges.