A Complete Solution

Adaptively delivers a singular, complete solution for educators to accelerate learning. Our standards-aligned math and English curriculum can be easily tailored and individualized for each student, and educators can view each student’s progress with key metrics and data-points to make adjustments along the way.

Our Programs

Our English content helps lay the foundation for a mastery of the English Language Arts and trains students to be a better communicator. Students learn to express their ideas clearly and articulately.

Our math curriculum improves students’ logical and mathematical skills, which they can apply to real-world problems.

Proprietary Curriculum
Built on Best in Class Education Center’s curriculum that has been tested and proven over the past 25 years, Adaptively takes learning one step further with online applications for in-person and online learning.

Passionate Teachers
The Adaptively team is composed of individuals from the supplemental education and technology fields, with over 60 combined years of industry experience. We work with our education partners through every step to ensure student success.

Leading Edge Technology

Our comprehensive platform is built with your students and teachers in mind. Intuitive navigation, engaging content, and progress reporting help both you and your students have a learning experience you both love.